Recyclable and Sustainable

MilkMate is a values-first company, committed to improving life for all mothers – including Mother Nature.

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Eco-Friendly from Start to Finish

We’ve chosen our furniture manufacturer partners with sustainability as a top priority, and we consistently evaluate the environmental impact of our disposable breast shield kits in comparison to the social benefits that MilkMate offers to our users and the employers who support them.

  • MilkMate user guides and messaging educate users on the need to recycle, and we prominently display recycling symbols on all our carts to emphasize the ease and importance of disposing of breast shield kits responsibly.
  • All MilkMate solutions come with recycling bins built into the pumping carts to enable easy recycling of breast shield kits after use.

  • MilkMate’s chair partner manufactures its chairs in solar powered facilities and uses foam produced from renewable soy-based oils to reduce the use of petrochemicals and their related greenhouse gases.
  • MilkMate’s furniture manufacturer maximizes the use of recycled and FSC-compliant content and optimizes for raw materials to reduce waste and recycling as much as possible.

Constantly Evolving

MilkMate strives to continually make products that are better for families and less harmful 
to the Earth.

75% of new moms want to return to work after giving birth yet less than 18% feel confident in returning. It’s time to knock down the barriers that are making it more difficult.

MilkMate is dedicated to helping moms as they return to work, addressing the common challenges they often face. Our approach to tackling this transition is centered on prioritizing safety above all else, coupled with a commitment to continual progress, rather than perfection. We are dedicated to ensuring that our products are both safe and sustainable, and we are consistently innovating to meet these dual objectives.

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