Empowering working moms and the employers who support them

Introducing the revolutionary breast pumping solution for the workplace

MilkMate’s solution is comprised of modular furniture components that include a built-in multi-user, high-performance breast pump and single-use parts that come pre-assembled and pre-sterilized, ready for immediate use.

Better for Employees.
Better for Employers.

  • With MilkMate, breast pumping employees are required to bring nothing with them to work, offering a more seamless and efficient breast-pumping experience.
  • MilkMate helps employers address lactation needs and meet recent regulatory requirements brought forth by the PUMP Act, which requires employers to provide a private non-bathroom space for employees to pump while at work.
mother holding her baby

The Problem:

Our Solution:



Meet with you to better understand and advise on your wellness room needs.



Implement learnings from consultation into a custom-built turnkey solution.



Offer white glove delivery and installation of solutions to your workplace.



Ongoing inventory management, software service and communication with our team.


Let’s talk: sales@milkmate.com 

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