Even with the PUMP Act, New Mothers Still Struggle At Work

‘I was forced to stop breastfeeding’: even with PUMP Act, new mothers still struggle at work’

“I was pretty obsessed with how to make the life of the working parent work in general, with all the things that you have to deal with, and the most inefficient thing that I ever did at work, the hardest additional thing, was pumping.”

Patrice Hayden Meagher knew there had to be a better way to both empower working moms and the employers who support them!

With the Biden-Harris declaration of the “Maternal Health Crisis”, and more money spent every year on untreated perinatal mood disorders and anxiety, it is increasingly crucial for employers to step up and fill in support gaps by addressing specific needs of the mothers in their workforce.

One rarely discussed but very prevalent barrier for new mothers returning to work is breastmilk pumping – a necessity for mothers to do regularly in order to continue breastfeeding.

Because of drastic inefficiencies, awkwardness and inconvenience, many new mothers are forced to either leave work to breastfeed or stop breastfeeding altogether, just to be able to remain in the workforce…

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