Workplace Wellness for Working Moms

And the Companies Who Support Them

Our Mission

MilkMate empowers women to never have to choose between their career and their newborn, by making breast pumping in the office convenient, safe, and efficient.

MilkMate enables employers to increase productivity, loyalty, advancement and retention of their female employees.

Better for moms. Better for employers.


Founder & CEO: Patrice Meagher

The Problem:

The health and nutritional benefits of breastfeeding are universally recognized and promoted by the medical community yet pumping in the workplace is extremely inconvenient. Nursing mothers are faced with the challenges of...

Lack of private or comfortable pumping spaces.

Hassle of carrying her own personal-use pump and all of its various parts to and from work.

The disassembly and cleaning of the parts between each use.

Meanwhile employers are struggling to recruit, retain, and advance female talent.

It’s clear that a solution is needed.

And it’s coming soon…!*

Introducing the...


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