Post-Maternity Leave Planning

woman showing her pregnant belly

Are you expecting a new baby soon? If so, congratulations! You’re among the approximately 1 million women across America who will bring a new life into the world within the next three to four months. While this is an incredible time of joy and anticipation, it’s also a time for laying down plans—not only for the birth of your little one, but also to assess your career options and logistics once your maternity leave officially culminates. 

Too early you say? Experts recommend a sooner-rather late approach. If you plan on resuming your professional role after your baby is born, then it’s never too soon to think about the specifics involved for when you do put your career hat back on and return to the workplace. The typical maternity leave lasts for only 10 weeks, and during that time, your focus will likely be nearly 100% on baby and family. And it’s for this reason that Human Resources personnel advise working moms to make plans for the return to work before, and not after, baby’s arrival. The post-maternity leave period can be a challenging time for most working moms, making it all the more important to have essential discussions with your HR team and make personal wellness decisions for you and your baby early in the game to ensure a smooth transition back to work. 

With a little advance effort, working moms can make post-maternity leave plans that help them to transition back to work smoothly while still balancing, in many cases, the often brand-new role of parenting. 

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