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Let’s make it easy

Becoming a mom is hard work. There is so much that employees with a newborn are already juggling and returning to work following maternity leave can be difficult.

MilkMate is here to help.

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MilkMate offers:

  • All the equipment and supplies needed for a pleasant and hassle-free pumping experience at work
  • No pre-assembly, sterilization, or hauling of equipment back and forth, to and from home
  • User-friendly app designed to support working moms throughout their breast pumping journey at work

Leave the gear at home

What’s included?

  • Access to a multi-user, high-performance breast pump
  • Innovative, single-use pump kit that comes pre-assembled and pre-sterilized
milkmate breast pump

Breast pumping employees take nothing with them to work

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How MilkMate benefits employee well-being and productivity

  • Saves nursing moms returning to work a minimum of 45
    per day at work
  • That’s equivalent to 180 HOURS or 23 WORKDAYS of time and cost
    savings per year
  • Saves moms a minimum of 15-20 MINUTES outside the workplace (cleaning, preparing and packing gear) every day

What will you do with 60 extra minutes each day?

Preparing and hauling breast pumping supplies to and from work and assembling, disassembling, and cleaning the parts after each pumping session takes the typical mom up to 60 minutes a day or more.

MilkMate “gives back” that time for:

  • Quality bonding with your newborn
  • Extra time for your partner and older children
  • Personal rejuvenation and exercise
  • Increased productivity at work
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