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What is MilkMate?

  • MilkMate is an all-in-one, multi-user breast pumping solution, purpose-built for the workplace wellness room
  • MilkMate’s solution includes modular furniture components that are adaptable to any wellness room – big or small – and a built-in high-performance multi-user pump and single-use recyclable parts
  • MilkMate helps employers meet the requirements brought forth by recent regulation and legislation changes (See PUMP Act Passes) while supporting employees who wish to breast pump in the workplace
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milkmate room

A Solution That’s Long Overdue

Working moms have struggled for decades with how to manage breast pumping in the workplace.

Without affordable and functional options readily available, well-meaning employers have also been at a loss for practical offerings.

MilkMate is the turnkey solution aimed at making breast pumping in the workplace more approachable and manageable for both employees and employers everywhere.

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milkmate device

With MilkMate employees…

  • No longer need to spend time at home preparing the breast pump and parts for the workday and transporting gear to and from work
  • Never have to assemble, disassemble, or clean parts at work
  • Have the advantage of getting time back in their day to be more productive and less distracted while at work

MilkMate provides…

  • A turnkey breast pumping solution that includes access to a high performing multi-user breast pump and single-use recyclable parts that come pre-assembled and pre-sterilized, ready for immediate use
  • A seamless breast pumping experience for working moms who wish to continue pumping upon their return to work
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